And The Award For Best Dressed Goes To....

If you're a clothing company, like us, a fashion guru, or proclaimed fashionista, you don't watch the award shows for the awards, you watch it for the fashion. Which is why we've complied a list of the best dressed men at last night's Golden Globe Awards!

1) Leonardo DiCaprio was the star of the night in his tux. No matter what he was doing, giving side-eye to Lady Gaga, chatting it up Kate Winslet or chugging some champagne, he looked super handsome doing so.

2) We don’t know why Eddie Redmayne has a perplexed look in this picture, because we loved his style at the Golden Globes. Perfect tailoring of his patterned blue jacket was the key to success of this vibrant look.

3) Dwayne The Rock Johnson was flashing a smile all night long, because he knew that he looked great in his velvet blazer. A beautiful deep burgundy-red was very flattering to his warm skin tones. Not to mention, we couldn't take our eyes off of those massive shoulders that carried it.

4) Rami Malek was discovered this year when he played a troubled hacker in TV series, Mr. Robot. Now we also know that he is a style icon. Adding a striking white pocket square and a dramatic black flower to his suit brings a balance, this strong classic look is as polished as his acting and is a total winner


5) Aziz Ansari is not only a funny guy, but a stylish one too. His excellent choice of the subtle window pane pattern to his tuxedo made him stand out amongst so many handsome men.

6) David Oyelowo wooed us in his shiny, silk, brocade tuxedo. The small modern cut bow tie perfectly accentuates the small square pattern of the three piece tuxedo to tie everything together with balance


7) Michael Fassbender was the only example you absolutely need on how to chose the perfect tux. Yes, thumbs up to you Michael for keeping it simple and classy.