Surviving Another Jonas

With a our first winter storm, Jonas, slowly approaching us for this coming weekend, it is important to say warm and comfortable to survive the bitter NYC winter, but most importantly, we want to look good while doing it. To achieve the perfect casual lounge around look, buy our Riviera Trouser Pant. For comfort and warmth, our joggers are made from 100% cotton sateen. These trousers have an athletic fit that are perfect for allowing you to be super cozy while still looking like fashion guru you are. Match this with our loose fitting and easy-falling Hacienda White Hoodie, handmade in NYC from soft heavyweight cotton jersey. The Hacienda White Hoodie is great for providing warmth from the cold city and it’s even colder fashion critics. The Riviera Trouser Pant and Hacienda Hoodie put together are the winter essentials you need to survive this storm, Edinger Style. 

You can purchased this look in-store at V Curated or in the Shop section of our website!